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John Kramer - Club President

Welcome to the Murfreesboro Astronomy Club! My name is John Kramer, and I founded this club in 2013 to promote astronomy in the Middle Tennessee area. I want to have a very active club that is open, friendly, and downright FUN to be part of.  My astronomical journey began in 1985, when an Earth Science teacher volunteered his time to take a group of students to the hilltops of Western Maryland for a view of Halleys Comet. To be honest, the comet view was less then thrilling, however when he later turned the telescope towards Jupiter, its safe to say from that moment on I've been hooked.


In addition to enjoying almost everything related to astronomy, from visual to astrophotography, I also run a blog (www.attheeyepiece.blogspot.com) and a radio/podcast (http://blogtalkradio.com/attheeyepiece) that is dedicated to astronomical observing and equipment reviews. I also try to do as much astronomical outreach as possible, both online and of course locally in my community. Astronomy is my passion, and I wish to get as many people hooked onto astronomy as I did back on that cool spring night back in 1985.

John Kramer - Club President/Founder